Fraser Valley Blues Society

Welcome! Thanks for visiting.  Celebrating 10 years presenting live music in the Fraser Valley and particularly in Abbotsford. We’ve got some great music happening in the local communities of Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Hope, Agassiz and Mission, BC featuring bands, concerts and a monthly blues jam (Sept – June). You can expect to hear and see musicians from Vancouver to Hope, Washington State, the UK, the USA, and if we can swing it, other international acts as well. 

Upcoming Live Music Shows:

Jamming at the Fraser Valley Blues Society


We enjoy bringing live music to our local communities but summertime is outdoor music time, so we’ll be out enjoying festivals and outdoor music. Hope you are able to do the same! Support the musicians, venues, organizers and arts as they are critical our well-being and love of life. 

We’ll return in September for the Blues Jam on Sept. 13 with Paul Hendriks and the Scary Lizards hosting. 

We’ve got a new jam happening on Saturday, Sept. 21, featuring classic rock music. Host will be announced. This jam will have the same structure as our Blues Jam.

Doors open 7 pm
Host band begins playing at 7:30 pm
Jamming happens from 8:15 pm – 11:00 pm.
Sign up sheet will be at the front table.
Full backline provided including keys (hopefully).  We’ll have bass & guitar amps, drum kit, microphones, etc. 

Introduce yourself to the host (if they don’t know you), once they’ve completed their first set, so they know who you are and can find you, if necessary.

Sets will be 3 songs and the host will match musicians for each of the sets. We often support full bands but a jam is all about playing with other people, so hopefully you’ll be comfortable enough to join a randomly put-together set. Sometimes it’s amazing the magic that happens. 

If you are a lead musician, or a vocalist, come prepared to provide the name of the song, the key it’s played in, and the tempo, to share with your fellow jammers. 

Monthly Blues Jam Info

Summer Break

Sept. 13 with Paul Hendriks & the Scary Lizards
Oct. 11 with Jon Gale & the Gale Force Blues Band
Nov. 9 – Corey Lavigne
Dec. 13 – Don Jones & Indigo

Past Shows:

Who is the Fraser Valley Blues Society?

We are a group of Music Lovers who felt a foundation to promote, support, educate and enjoy live blues music in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia was overdue.

Since receiving our Charter as a Non Profit, this Society has been formed with the following objectives:

  • To promote and perpetuate Blues Music, and like music types in the Fraser Valley area.
  • To present live Blues performances at various venues to establish our region as a Blues destination.  The performers range from International acts to local musicians.
  • To give support to up and coming musicians and provide an opportunity to further their aspirations.
  • To inform and educate members of our related communities to appreciate live music.
  • Please help preserve and promote live music close to home by joining today.

Volunteers, musicians and other blues lovers help us fulfill our mandate.  We can’t do it alone! Please contact us if you would like to contribute via a membership, sponsorship or volunteering at a venue.

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