October 2018

Paul Oscher, Cool Cat CD

The Cool Cat, Paul Oscher has released a CD (appropriately named Cool Cat) reminiscent of the red-hot Chicago blues days of Muddy Waters, James Cotton, BB King – all the greats we love for being the forefathers of the traditional tunes we enjoy today as part of the blues genre.

What is Blues Rap? Well, take what you think of rap today and scale it back and slow it down. Blues & Jazz artists were the first rappers. Oscher has mixed it up on this CD by including two Jazz Quartet cuts – #7 Cool Cat (there’s an R&B prologue & a long R&B instrumental version) & #11 – On the Edge. Cool Cat leads into Mississippi Poem a 30 second snippet.   The cut Ain’t That A Man, a dedication to James Cotton, tells the story in true blues rap style, using the talk song style we’ve come to love and know. It weaves a story we fall into, and has spots where the audience gets to respond with a retort.

The next cut, #10 – Dirty Dealin Mama features Miss Lavelle White who sings it well. This 12 bar shuffle is a lovely reminiscent song of going down to the bar, cheatin’ and being untrue. Her voice is sweet and cool.

The CD features artists including Kid Anderson (who plays bass & recorded the long version of Cool Cat in his California studio), Johnny Ace, Sarah Brown and Chris Alcaraz play on bass. Sax is provided by Eric Burnhardt, Tom Robinson & Tomas Ramirez. Featured guitarists are Mick Schermer and Mike Keller.

Paul Oscher rounds out the sounds on the CD with harp, piano, vocals & slide guitar. He truly is a WOW musician, who does it all – composes, plays, orchestrates, produces and brings people together to produce a CD full of great tunes and wonderful stories.

Did you know Oscher once lived with Muddy Waters? It’s true. He shared the basement at Muddy’s house, with Otis Spann. Can you imagine the antics that went on in that house??? To have been a fly, during those times.

It’s awesome to hear that Paul has been honoured with two BMA’s and nine nominations. He’s an all-round musician, who puts it on the line, brings it to the max and delivers his heart and soul in a CD worthy of purchasing, listening and sharing!

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Review by Cora Price

Boogety Shoe Blues & Fraser Valley Blues Society (http://FVBlues.com)