Released October 2018

Dirty Love

The Pacific Northwest music scene has been graced with a lively blues rock band called the Michelle Taylor Band. The band’s composition consists of Michelle Taylor on vocals (a spitfire front woman!), Justin Dean on guitar, vocals & composer of their original tunes, Robert Morrill on drums, Jim Barnes on keys & vocals and rounding out the sound, is Robert Baker on bass & acoustic guitar.

The CD Dirty Love, gives a great combo of hard hitting rock guitar playing (Hanging on the Vine), with slower, thought provoking tunes like Throwing It All Away & Down in Flames. Showcasing their versatile sound, the vocals hit home with a punch – Michelle grabs her audience and makes them listen. Though she’s small in stature, when she’s on the stage, she commands your attention. You really don’t realize how petite she is, until she takes a stroll through the audience during her sets.

Justin’s guitar playing is top-notch and fills the CD with great leads and riffs. His composing is amazing with words and lyrics that are believable and makes you move and sing along with the band.

To see this band live, makes you fall in love with them. They entertain to the max. They mix it up well, attracting the young, middle and older aged audiences. Eager to please and offering their professional show, they put it all on the stage, pushing everything to the limit. I got to enjoy New Years Eve with them to ring in 2019 and WOW – impressed! They played their hearts out, hours and hours of it, packed the house and had the crowd wanting more. No one left feeling left out – even the requests from the audience were attempted and provided. Stellar show, for sure.

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~ Cora Price
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