Released Oct 19, 2018

Dale Bandy released his debut solo release on Oct 19, 2018 and it’s an impressive array of his own compositions, along with a few great covers – Big Legged Woman (love it!), The Thrill is Gone & I’m On Your Side.

I was pleasantly surprised by the groove and warmth of the sound produced on this CD. Dale Bandy has created a CD that is catchy, easy on the ears and gets you movin’ and groovin’. He’s mixed the array of song choices well.

The CD features Dale on guitar, vocals, organ, bass on one track, backed up by Gary Thompson on bass and one track with Joe Bolero on tenor sax & Gordon Eric on trombone.

What is impressive is it’s not evident that Bandy is playing most of the instruments on this release. The mix is well done and the sound is cohesive and transitions well from one song to the next. The instrument playing is true and fits, as it should.

There is some interesting stories behind his original tunes – My Bad Reputation is a song most can relate to about courting a woman. The “If I Could Only Take It Back” track is about an apology to someone personal to Bandy, and he says it was accepted. Who can resist an apology set to music?

“Trouble in Mind” is a great public domain song that takes me back to times sitting around the campfire, someone playing the guitar and singing. Close your eyes and you’ll also be taken to a time of easy listening, happy times and contentment. Music really does the heart good!

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Thanks Dale Bandy for a great CD!

~ Cora Price
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