Double Album released Oct. 2018 (Independent)
Feb. 10, 2019

Layla Zoe, Gemini CD CoverIf you have followed the career of the Canadian Firegirl, Layla Zoe, you know how awesome her blues music has been. People who see her live, rant about her energy and talent. If you don’t know who she is, you need to look her up (

Layla likes to mix it up and she sure has done that on the appropriately named, Gemini CD. Not what I was expecting! This 2 disc set is true Gemini fare – disc one (labelled Fragility) is folk blues done with an acoustic guitar played by Jan Laacks, who is also the producer; the second CD (labelled Courage) is pure rock and roll with a bit of blues.

All songs on the CD are written by Layla. They demonstrate her Gemini roots. Many of the lyrics are heart focused, raw and touch the soul. For example, her tune Little Sister hit home for me. It’s a song that speaks of her relationship with her younger sister. Her craving to know her again, to share in the experiences again, as they have drifted apart.

As I listened to the first CD, I felt Layla’s need to express her deeper feelings. She’s put her all into her music but think there have been times she has been cautioned to keep it mainstream and acceptable (my words, not hers). On this album, she’s let her rip. She’s showing her vulnerable side and speaking her truth. Each song has a story – they definitely let you into her Gemini soul.

Blues lovers may find it’s a bit eclectic for their tastes, but if you give it a chance, read the words of the songs (there’s a booklet inside for your reading pleasure), you’ll come to appreciate and understanding why Layla the Firegirl, needed to get this out of her heart and soul! You’ll gain a greater appreciation of her artistry and musicianship. I say kudos, beautifully done!

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