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Those who love the honky tonk and prohibition day sound of roots music, will be impressed with this CD consisting of 12 cuts (released October 2018). The majority of the composing is from Sara Martin, with the recording done in such a way that it has the nuances of that era – the scratchy, old sound typical of that recording time.

The band, the 45’s does a great job of backing front woman, Laurie Jane (from Louisville, Kentuky) with a great big band accompaniment with superior trumpet and saxophone. Screamin’ John Hawkins is a special guest guitarist on this CD. Traditional to that time, the piano also plays a big part in what you hear.

I love the cut “Blind Man Blues” in it’s slow shuffle and guitar solo. A great tune to slow dance with the one you love or just sit back, close your eyes and enjoy some downhome good time classic music. “Sugar Blues” is traditional blues tune with lots of trumpet, lead guitar and great vocals. Can’t Find Nobody To Do Like My Daddy Do – a great swing tune opening with drum stick percussion, full horns, great guitar riffs and of course, fantastic vocals.

The classic voice of Laurie Jane does a great job of capturing the century old tunes. Her voice is crisp, clean and carries soul and style, reminiscent of times gone bye. The band takes us back to an era where our roots, blues and jazz, all started.

In the roaring 20’s Sara Martin was one of the first women to record and keep up recording with over a 100 tracks to her name. She was the launching pad for many musicians, including Fats Waller and Sylvester Weaver. Unfortunately, for the jazz and blues community, Sara felt the slam of the depression and ended up running a nursing home in her home town of Louisville for the latter part of her life. (Info found on the inside cover.)

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