Wide Mouth Mason – I Wanna Go With You CD Review

The path Wide Mouth Mason has taken in their musical career has been interesting and diverse. These Saskatoon boys, first came into awareness in 1995, with their first album release in 1996. Their style is classified as rock, blues and folk. They say Blues is where their heart lies and this new album – I Wanna Go With You, demonstrates again their ability to pen great lyrics and rhythms, as well as appealing to a wide range audience.

One of the things I’ve appreciated about Wide Mouth Mason, is their willingness to help other musicians in their journey of becoming better at their craft and building awareness with their audience. They were the first band that I can recall, that offered a work session for winners of various contests, including a few in the Chilliwack, BC area. Out of that, they have gained a strong following because of willingness to give back and the great music they have produced.

This new CD opens with Bodies in Motion, a true blues tune that sets the tone for this album. The song is full of character and robust blues fun.

The second tune – Every Red Light – highlights Wide Mouth Mason’s ability to bring in folk/pop undertones to a bluesy tune. This song will appeal to the younger generation, along with anyone who loves to dance.

My favorite tune is Some Kind of Requiem. It’s a fast rockin’ blues tune full of great guitar work and wonderful lyrics.

There are 11 cuts to be enjoyed on the I Wanna Got With You CD (feature song is cut #9). They have alternated styles throughout so you get a wonderful mix to entertain you with some beautiful ear candy.

The band for this release consists of a duo, the original members, Shaun Verreault on vocals, guitars, and Safwan Javed on percussions and vocals. For years they have been developing tunes to appeal to the masses and I’m overjoyed they have swung back to a stronger blues representation. They do the blues genre so well!

I didn’t realize until reading the cover sheet that Shaun’s slide style has it’s own term – threestyle, or trislide lap steel. This has been his signature in the music industry and most people can pick up a Wide Mouth Mason song simply by hearing Sean’s guitar playing and of course, his vocals.


One song to check out for the story behind it, is Only Child, cut #6. Both Shaun & Safwan are only children. Shaun has only one child, so this song is about being an only child (an autobiography if you will).  The line that stuck out the most for me is “alone doesn’t mean lonely”.

Get your own copy or listen to the full compliment of songs by this wonderful Canadian Blues Band by visiting the Wide Mouth Mason site and
Facebook Page:    https://www.facebook.com/WideMouthMason/ or https:/widemouthmason.com/

Review by Cora Price, Fraser Valley Blues Society